Immigration officer tells court Mumba Yachi is Congolese

A WITNESS has told the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that folk Musician Mumba Yachi is a Congolese who was born at a Catholic Mission Hospital at Mokambo Border Post on the Democratic of Congo side.

This is in a matter where Mumba, real name Shadrick Mumba alas Shadrick Chite Mukenge, is charged with unlawful stay in Zambia and giving false information in order to obtain a green National Registration Card.

Testifying before magistrate Ruth Kapulo when trial commenced yesterday, an Immigration officer Hillary Namuji insisted that Mumba was a Congolese.

Namunji, 32 of Mokambo Border Post, told the court that the Immigration headquarters had asked him to investigate the parentage of the accused person.

The court heard that the officer established that Mumba’s parents were Congolese.

He narrated that he traveled to Congo and located the accused person’s parents who reside at house number 17, Mweenda Avenue, Pedicle Road.

The officer said the people whom Mumba said were his parents denied knowing him.

He said the mother to the accused is Mary Kori Clare while his father is a Mr Funji.

“The accused named Francis Nonde Mumba and his wife Rhodia Mwitwa Mumba, a Congolese national, as his parents. I interviewed the duo who refused knowing the accused,” Namuji added.

However, in cross-examination, Namuji said he did not have documentary evidence to show that Mumba was indeed a Congolese.

The matter comes up on October 30 for continued trial.

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