Turn on the TV please!

“Please turn on the TV”, or “Where is the remote” are the two famous phrases most of us who love TV use whenever we get back home.
There are many people who just can’t seem to live without TV, and I can attest I am one of them. The moment I return home, the first task is to turn on the TV before I even put down my handbag. I also know those who even if they have some work to do, family to be with, children’s homework to do or friends to see, all that is done while the TV is on – thankfully, I don’t do that. But this excitement about the TV only comes with the type of service you are getting.
Zambia’s pay television is now becoming more interesting, with two new entrants in the industry coming on to provide an assortment of other channels to compete with Multichoice Zambia, the providers of DSTv. We have seen Kwese and Chinese Star Times, the providers of Top Star satellite television in partnership with ZNBC, coming on board. And in this busy, expensive life, television is an easy and cheap source of entertainment – once you get the best channels you need, you are all sorted.
But what am I ready to pay for? I just heard news that Star Times has equally introduced subscription for its Top Star decoders effective September 29. And there is also Kwese. Truth be, I have not tried any of these because I am one kind who sticks to something like glue as long as I am a satisfied customer.

Start Times has started charging subscription since September 30, meaning no more free viewing – subscribers have to pay for content. But what type of content has it got? It currently has four bouquets – Star Times Special going at K150 with 36 channels; Star Times Smart bouquet at K75 with 56 channels; Star Times Super at K150 has 73 channels, among them Fashion TV, CCTV documentary, Star Bollywood TV, plus an assortment of news and cartoon channels and Start Times Chinese at K150 with 16 channels comprising, among other, CCTV, CTI Asia., Beijing TV, Human TV, Fujian TV.

Then there is GOTv whose bouquets are Max, Plus, Value and Lite costing K140, K90, K33 and K17 per month respectively.

DSTV Premium on the other hand, at K790, gives me over 130 channels to choose from; Compact Plus for K450 gives has over 110 channels; Compact at K300 with a hundred channels; Family bouquet at K200 has 70 channels while Access at K100 has about 51 channels. Are you a soccer fanatic with passion for the EPL and La Liga? Do you want the latest blockbuster movies and freshest series direct from the US? Or are you a fan of African content that comes loaded on DStv’s Zambezi and Africa Magic channels? Then this is where you belong.

Yes, the coming of the other providers has brought competition in the pay television industry, but of course the best remains what you all know. It may look expensive to others but there is value for my money. You see, I do have a reason to rush back home whenever I knock off and demand that they “turn on the TV please!”


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