Regulate alcohol sale, YWCA urges govt

THE Young Women Christian Association has urged the government to regulate the sale of alcohol in the country, saying it is the leading cause of violence.

In an interview, YWCA programmes officer Sharon Chisenga said alcohol intake had increased among Zambians, many of whom ended up engaging in immoral acts.

“People should stop pretending not to get the messages that we as NGOs are sending because they are very clear and what is coming out is that there is a lot of immorality in our society, which has gone to the extent of [people] killing and gang raping each other and it’s all coming from the substance abuse,” Chisenga said.

She said it was high time the government controlled the sale and packaging of alcohol.
Chisenga said abuse and violence against women had also increased and feared these would persist with increased alcohol intake.

“A person that is in their natural mind cannot commit such offences unless they are under the influence of a certain substance. It’s high time that we started controlling what is being sold at the markets, especially alcohol,” she said.

Chisenga advised women to refrain from perpetrating violence but instead take up their motherly duties.

Kitwe Central Hospital has recorded 96 defilement and 44 rape cases from January to August 2017.

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