Suspected PF cadres attack NDC members in Mandevu

SUSPECTED PF cadres last evening attacked opposition National Democratic Congress members who were having an indoor meeting in Mandevu Constituency.

Meanwhile, some senior PF members on the Copperbelt have complained that they underrated the National Democratic Congress (NDC) led by former Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenge.

And the NDC national youth chairman Charles Kabwita says the PF is planning to organise and stage-manage fake political defections in some Copperbelt townships.

Musenge said PF cadres attacked about 40 NDC members who were meeting in Mandevu on Wednesday evening.

“It is so disappointing that as a party that is regarded as a nonentity and where we have opted to be doing things quietly, our people are being attacked. Today, we have witnessed the first serious attack on NDC members who were quietly having an indoor discussion and thugs from PF forced themselves into the yard, smashed four to five vehicles, punctured tyres and later searched those who were there, stealing their personal belongings including phones. They entered the place with pangas, and many assault weapons,” Musenge said.
“As at now, we are waiting for a report on whether there was anyone who was injured. Edgar Chagwa Lungu is on record to have been condemning violence in this country and yet these thugs who are attacking innocent people are coming from the PF where he is party president and he is the Republican President.”

He said the NDC would not retaliate because such were not the politics it wants to promote.

“We would like to appeal to our members not to retaliate. If indeed they want to kill us, we will wait for them to follow us wherever we will be meeting. These are the politics they are portraying,” said Musenge, adding that the NDC wanted to play mature politics of integrity, a shift from the cheap politics of the PF.

Meanwhile, according to PF sources, the NDC had penetrated all PF structures, particularly in Mufulira, Luanshya, Chingola, Chambeshi, Kalulushi and Ndola.

“We have challenges here on the Copperbelt. We thought this NDC was nothing but we are done here. These guys know politics and they have made us have sleepless nights. These guys are organised,” the PF source said.

And Kabwita said President Lungu was in shock with how the PF had lost ground on the Copperbelt.

He claimed the PF were planning to stage-manage defections from the newly formed party.

“The aim of these baseless defections is simply meant to sway public opinion and perception and create an impression that the NDC is losing following on the ground. We have information that the PF wants to sponsor such loose defections in Mufulira as part of its propaganda skirmishes to mislead the general populace,” Kabwita said.
“The NDC secretariat is aware of the deliberate ploy that, among other things, involves the use of money to woo and buy off those perceived to be holding divergent views and opinions. We are aware that some PF leaders who intend to offer bribes of up to K70,000 to NDC district leaders in Mufulira to defect to the outgoing party the PF.”

He said the PF should stop panicking but instead deliver their promises and that politics of defections and cheap propaganda were long gone.

“Our advice to the PF is to immediately refrain and stop using such blank propaganda scams to deceive members of the public through mock defections. Our structures on the Copperbelt continue to grow and all our rank and file are intact,” Kabwita said.

“The NDC has information that these stage-managed, desperate mock defections have been planned for Mufulira and are expected to coincide with the imminent visit to the mining town by President Edgar Lungu. No amount of intimidation will sway the NDC from effectively talking about the many challenges that Zambians are facing.”

He said it was too late for PF to win the confidence of the people on the Copperbelt.

“But, it’s too late because all PF structures are gone on the Copperbelt. There’s no PF on the Copperbelt apart from a rotten name of the regime. We, therefore, urge our party stewarts to ignore all propaganda being planned by our colleagues in the outgoing party the PF,” said Kabwita.

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