Kapoko gets 2 years for abuse, money laundering

THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has sentenced former Ministry of Health human resources officer Henry Kapoko to two years imprisonment with hard labour for abuse of authority of office and money laundering.

In a seven-hour long judgment delivered by Lusaka High Court deputy registrar Aridah Chulu who sat as a magistrate today, Kapoko was convicted on all the six counts he was facing.

Magistrate Chulu, however, acquitted Kapoko’s co-accused Norbet Peleti who was facing a count of theft by servant.

Peleti at the time he allegedly committed the offence was an assistant director of administration at the Ministry of Health.

Magistrate Chulu said she had no doubt in her mind that Kapoko abused his authority of office and stole money from the Ministry of Health as huge amounts of money were deposited into his personal accounts after his companies were awarded contracts at the ministry.

She said one of his companies, Kansma Investments, was used to launder money from the ministry.

Magistrate Chulu said Kapoko should not have allowed his companies to participate in the bidding process since he was a public officer.

“He acted arbitrarily and his actions were prejudicial. He abused his authority and I therefore convict him accordingly,”

she said and sentenced Kapoko to two years imprisonment with hard labour on all six counts he was facing.

In acquitting Peleti, magistrate Chulu said it was evident that  Peleti did not benefit from the Ministry of Health money but that Kapoko was the one who facilitated the whole tender process and benefited from it.

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