Ndola court adjourns PF cadres’ idle, disorderly conduct case

THE case in which four PF cadres are charged with idle and disorderly conduct on Thursday failed to take off for the third time. This is in a matter where Maybin Mutono, 42, Mutale Chumbu, 41, Derby Kasalwe, 35 and Geoffrey Chulu, 43 are charged with idle and disorderly conduct. It is alleged that the four on August 30, 2017 in Ndola jointly and whilst acting together publicly did conduct themselves in a manner that could have caused a breach of the peace.

The suspects all belong to a group called the ECL Kopala 2021. When the matter came up for plea before Ndola principle resident magistrate Obbister Musukwa, the State applied that the matter be adjourned.

“All the four accused persons are before court. However, we are unable to proceed with this matter as the State and that the defence is also not before court. So we humbly apply that the matter be adjourned to a later date,” the State applied.

But magistrate Musukwa questioned the whereabouts of the defence lawyer, who was said to have been aware of the court sitting. In response, Chulu said his lawyer was in Lusaka and unable to be before court.

Magistrate Musukwa then allowed for the adjournment to November 8, 2017 for continuation of trial.

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