DON’T GIVE UP HOPE…this season of PF viciousness is temporary, Mumba urges Zambians

MMD leader Nevers Mumba says the season of viciousness under the PF government is a transition that should not make Zambians despair as it will pass.

And Mumba has observed that the PF regime is afraid of its “illegalities.”

Speaking during Muvi TV’s The Assignment programme on Sunday night, Mumba urged Zambians to remain unfaltering amid the government-propagated cruelty on dissenting voices.

“I want to say to the Zambian people that do not give up hope [because] what we are going through is a transition that God has allowed in order to refine us, to make us vigilant in defending the freedoms and liberties of our country,”

Mumba said.

“When you look at the Patriotic Front from the time President Lungu won the presidency of PF in 2014, that convention, you can’t write a book about it because nobody will read about it in the West – it’s really a shambles! To them (PF government), they think what that this group that calls itself MMD did in Kabwe (to organise a parallel convention) is normal. This government thrives on illegality and it is going to pay a high price. The President has to answer several questions and he is a man that I have spent time with. I wish I could have a moment with him to tell him that ‘my brother, presidency is not eternal [but] God is eternal and to submit oneself to God is better than the arrogance of incumbency’.”

He added that currently, citizens’ freedoms seemed to be elusive because those in government were afraid.

“It (PF government) is in power illegally. They installed themselves illegally and therefore there is fear that somebody is going to really push for justice and that is going to work against them. That’s why they are so vicious that when Nevers says he does not recognise President Lungu, they become very vicious. But I want to say that this season will pass and Zambia will see a bright day and I’m confident, without any shadow of doubt, that Zambia shall truly be saved because what we are going through is a temporary transition in our country and in our politics,”

Mumba said.

“The point I’m trying to make is that President Lungu, for instance, when there was a petition in court, the Constitution tells us that he was supposed to step aside and allow the Speaker of the National Assembly to act as President of Zambia [but] he refused to do that. It’s an illegality, it’s a treason case. We may not be talking now but somewhere along the way, he has to face that treasonous case. Why didn’t you step down when the Constitution was very clear about what you are supposed to do?”

He further indicated that what had happened in the country under the PF administration was a sad development where illegality seemed to be legitimatised.

“Those who do illegal things look like they are the ones who are protected and defended. Those who are trying to play by the rules are demonised, arrested and imprisoned on trumped-up charges. This kind of system that we have created for ourselves, my view is that we should never allow it to be handed over to our children. Our children should be handed over to civility – respect for the rule of law and respect for one another, honour to respect those who have served this country and honour to respect the Constitution of Zambia. Today we are dealing with a government that does not care about legalities and the question I have for them is that ‘do they think, for one moment, that they will remain in those positions forever?’ The answer is no!”

Mumba explained.

“I’m in politics myself because I think that these illegalities, this immorality can only be fought if we can stand up and go through these processes, as tedious as they are. We are shaping the politics of this country.”

Earlier, Mumba highlighted a litany of issues around the existence of the MMD, stressing that the former ruling party still had its pulse.

“The Movement for Multiparty Democracy has been under siege in the past number of months and even years. [But] MMD cannot die. My vision as president of MMD is to ensure that the MMD that shall evolve out of this catastrophe and the heat that we’ve gotten is gonna be stronger, brighter and more hopeful and more interpretative of the needs of the Zambia people,” said Mumba.

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