Green Party backs Mukuni’s proposal for split of S/Province

THE idea suggested by Senior Chief Mukuni to split Southern Province into two makes lots of sense, says Green party leader Peter Sinkamba. Sinkamba, however, suggested that the splitting needed to be extended to cover some constituencies in Central Province, especially those that are contiguous with the Kafue National.

“The idea suggested by His Royal Highness Senior Chief Mukuni to split Southern Province makes lots of sense and as a party, we wholeheartedly support the proposal,” Sinkamba said in a statement issued by his media team after addressing senior party officials at the party secretariat in Kitwe.

“We believe that it would be even better if the splitting is extended to Central Province so that the new province created comprises of constituencies including Mbabala, Namwala, Bweengwa, Itezhi-Tezhi, Nangoma, Mumbwa, Keembe, Katuba, Lufubu, and Mwembeshi.”

He said constituencies which have proved too large to manage such Namwala, Itezhi-Tezhi and Mumbwa could each be split into two for easier administration. Sinkamba also suggested that the new province could be named as Kafue Province since the proposed constituencies are neighbouring the Kafue National Park.

Since the MMD reign, Mukuni proposed to have Southern Province split into two; one to remain Southern and a new one to be known as Zambezi Province

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