Musenge wonders why Lungu hasn’t condemned PF cadres’ attack on Kambwili

MWENYA Musenge has wondered why President Edgar Lungu has to date not condemned the PF cadres’ attack on Chishimba Kambwili during Michael Sata’s third memorial at Embassy Park last Saturday, asking “did you plan it?”


Musenge, the leader of the newly formed National Democratic Congress, has further wondered why President Lungu decided to stay away from Embassy Park and only opted to attend the service at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus.


Last Saturday, a horde of PF cadres attempted to beat up Kambwili, the Roan PF member of parliament, during Sata’s memorial.


The former information minister who was among people that turned up to remember the life of the former president, was prevented from leaving the Embassy Park premises just after the official programme ended.

The cadres, who were chanting anti-Kambwili slogans and hailing insults at him, nearly overpowered a handful of police officers who cared to protect the former minister.

After about 30 minutes, the police attempted to usher Kambwili to his car but the cadres showered him with Chibuku Shake Shake (opaque beer) and water as he struggled to make way to his car.

But Musenge, the former member of the PF central committee, said President Lungu’s silence showed that he had organized the cadres and engineered the confusion regardless of the importance of the man the country was remembering.

He wondered why President Lungu opted not to attend the gathering at Embassy Park and lay wreaths on the grave of a man who “handed him the presidency on a silver plate”.

“Today, PF is in government but just perpetuating what we were condemning under the MMD, which is extremely bad. Already, I suspect that it was a planned move, they saw us there and it’s the reason the President opted not to go to Embassy Park because they knew that they had planted people to attack us. Edgar Chagwa Lungu ought to know that the Presidency was given to him on a silver platter by the late Michael Chilufya Sata who also had to take PF in government,” Musenge said.

“It is so disheartening for me who worked with Michael Sata and a person who put so much confidence in Edgar Chagwa Lungu at that time and to see him  just go and attend church service and opt to go and watch a football match at National Heroes Stadium instead of attaching importance and significance on the memorial of our great man, great leader…the man who paved the way for him to become President. If there is anybody who can really add value to it and add huge significance, it’s Edgar Lungu and the PF but they are not doing that; whatever they did is not enough.”

And Musenge said there was no one who had a higher stake in Zambia, hence every citizen should be allowed to hold meetings anywhere.


Commenting on the threats by Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo that Kabushi Constituency was a no go area for NDC and their political consultant Kambwili, Musenge said the intimidations were empty.


He challenged President Lungu to stop his party from practicing politics of “intimidation and machete swinging”, especially on matters of national development.


“Zambia does not belong to an individual, Zambia belongs to every Zambian. For someone to say there are areas where Zambians couldn’t go is a joke and an empty statement. What we need as a country are mature politics. The Zambian people have been denied proper governance for a long time and NDC as a party, we shall strive to correct these misdoings. Politics of intimidation should not be encouraged, politics of stone throwing, machete wielding are long gone. When your friend goes to the market, there is no basis for you to follow them; why do you also counter by another visitation and convince the people to appreciate what you are doing for them?” wondered Musenge.

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