Magistrate fines Chinese K1,800 over Bata trade mark violation

THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has fined a Chinese businessman K1,800 for making fake shoes bearing a Bata trademark.

Principal resident magistrate David Simusamba fined Tang Weihau 2000 units in the first count and 3000 units in the second count, which is equivalent to K1,800.

Weihau pleaded guilty to both counts of forgery of trademarks and prohibition of sale of goods bearing forged trademark contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

He was convicted upon his own admission of guilt.

In mitigation, Weihau admitted that his shoes were fake and that he was sorry.

Magistrate Simusamba in passing sentence fined the convict K1,800, in default serve six months in prison.

The court also ordered that pairs of shoes be forfeited to the State.

Weihau later paid the fine and he walked to freedom.

Allegations in the first count were that Weihau on September 25 this year, in Lusaka, with intent to deceive, had in his possession 2,572 pairs of shoes bearing a mark resembling Bata Shoe Company trade mark.

It is also alleged that Weihau with intent to deceive sold shoes resembling those sold by Bata Shoe Company.

Weihau was apprehended after the Zambia Police Intellectual Property Unit conducted a search at his shop in Kamwala and seized assorted pairs of shoes.

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