Vote out Lungu, Kambwili urges Zambians [AUDIO]

CHISHIMBA Kambwili has charged that President Edgar Lungu is a thief who must be prosecuted after voting him out of office in 2021 so that he can answer how he has accumulated so much wealth within a short time.

Speaking to journalists after Lusaka magistrate Brian Simachela acquitted him of three counts of traffic-related offences today, saying the prosecution was inconsistent, full of lies and malicious, Kambwili said justice had prevailed in the matter.

Kambwili, the former information and broadcasting services minister, was charged with permitting the driving of his motor vehicle by a person without a driving licence, among other charges.

In the first count, Kambwili was charged with knowingly being in-charge of a motor vehicle bearing a false registration mark contrary to section 29 (2) of the Road Traffic Act number 11 of 2002, which occurred on August 13, this year.

He was alleged to have on the material day, being the registered owner of a Jaguar registration number AOB 2949, bearing a false registration mark CK 900, driven by Chileshe Chileshe on Dedan Kimathi Road in Lusaka.

In count two, Kambwili allegedly permitted Chileshe to drive a Jaguar registration number AOB 2949 on a public road, when he was not a holder of a driving license authorising him to drive a vehicle of that class or description.

He was in the last count charged with failing to display a certificate of insurance disc contrary to regulations.

It was alleged that being a holder of a certificate of insurance for motor vehicle namely a Jaguar registration number AOB 2949, Kambwili allegedly failed to display the insurance disc on the vehicle in respect of which it was issued.

Kambwili told journalists that Chileshe got his vehicle without his knowledge but “they decided to charge me just to try and malign me to show that I am a criminal”.

“But I think justice has prevailed in this matter because justice will always be justice. I hope and trust that as they try to bring in more matters that they cannot justify, we will be ready for them. I want to thank my team of lawyers, Keith Mweemba and Christopher Mundia for the job well done because I did not say anything; they did all the talking,” Kambwili said. “And that is what happens when you are innocent. The same way they have brought me to court on trumped up charges will be the same way they will also go to court but for them, it’s unfortunate because they are kawalalas (thieves). Lungu is a kawalala and when he is brought to court, you will see what is going to happen to him. They must prepare to answer the way we are answering.”

He said President Lungu’s government was taking innocent people to court yet “they themselves are the thieves” and warned that their day of reckoning was coming soon.

“My appeal to the people of Zambia is just to vote Lungu out [in 2021] so that we can remove his immunity so that he can also come and appear and tell us where he is getting the money to be building all over Lusaka. We all knew who Lungu was. He was just a chakolwa (drunk) in Chawama. He had no money because his licence was revoked for stealing K36,000 belonging to a client and today he is the richest man in Zambia,” Kambwili said. “An ambulance, Toyota Zambia has confirmed is US$78,000 but they bought an ambulance at US$288,000, what a way of running a country! But anyway, impupu ni mpupu (a robber is a robber)…mputi isula taibula kubwekeshapo, filya fine aibile K36,000 efyo abwekeshapo kulaibila icalo, bakesa mumona abene aba (bad habits die hard, the way he stole K36,000 is how he is stealing from Zambians, the magistrate will see for himself).”

Meanwhile, magistrate Simachela said the State failed to investigate Kambwili’s case thoroughly before he was charged thus abrogating the rules of natural justice as well as the United Kingdom judges rules which are applicable to the Zambian jurisdiction.

Magistrate Simachela said the testimonies of the complainant in the matter, Kabulo Chikowa, were inconsistent and malicious, making him not a credible witness.

He said it was very difficult for the court to rely on his evidence.

Magistrate Simachela said the prosecution’s evidence was so discredited in cross-examination that no court of competent jurisdiction or reasonable tribunal could safely convict on it.

He then dismissed the three counts and set Kambwili at liberty forthwith.

“You are free to go home,” magistrate Simachela told Kambwili, who was in court.

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  1. Bwalya M

    November 8, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    To use the word ‘Kawalala” for day light Chakolwa-Mpupu is an insult to Kawalalas.

    Zambians shall start talking about Real Change in Zambia, let them sit in Churches, Schools, Conventions, Conferences, Planes, Trains, Buses, Funerals, Farms, Factories, Mines, Offices, Cafes, walking-talking.

    Zambia does not need any recycled politician at the helm of affairs.

    Zambia needs a President that has a proven track record of calling a spade a spade, not hiding it as a spoon, the one who stands for the marginalised masses, ushers in a fair and equitable sharing of national cake amongst all, peasant farmers, miners, workers, garden boys, drivers, street vendors, shopkeepers as much as the investors and rich strata of society.

    Zambia needs a Real Change led by a honest, straightforward person, supported by masses, working class and the one who is not a stooge of the “Haves-The Elite”

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