Zamtel implements new business model

ZAMTEL says it is implementing a new business model based on famous Japanese Kaizen system which places emphasis on improvement of all business lines.
According to a statement issued by corporate communications manager Kennedy Mambwe, the Kaizen philosophy adopted by Zamtel was in line with the government’s efforts aimed at establishing a smart Zambia based on improved quality service delivery and overall national productivity.
“We are happy to be implementing the Japanese philosophy and methodology of Kaizen, that emphasizes continuous improvement and elimination of waste in every process at Zamtel,” Zamtel chief executive officer Sydney Mupeta said of the new business model.
“As the Government is building Zambia to become a prosperous middle income country by 2030, reliable ICT Solutions and Services will play a critical role and Zamtel is positioning itself for a wave of digital transformation that will usher in greater efficiencies, which will enrich lives and businesses.”

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