Africa will remain bound until the Church takes off its diapers – Mumba

NEVERS Mumba says Africa will remain bound until the Church takes off its diapers and takes responsibility of its governance issues of Africa. Addressing pastors in Lilongwe, Malawi on Tuesday afternoon, Mumba, the opposition MMD president, said the power of the gospel of Christ had the ability to change nations.

He said the same power that saves a person from sin was the same power that can save a nation.

“The world had a totally different view and definition of the Church. The role of the church has been defined by the world and the church has accepted this new role that restricts it and stops it from being the salt and light in the arena of governance,” Mumba told the pastors.

Quoting from Matthew 5:13-16, Mumba said that the Church was the salt and “if we are put in beef stew being cooked, we should be ready to feel the heat, but give taste.”

Mumba further said that the Church has been hiding its radiance of light behind the pulpit, afraid of confronting social and economic ills in society.

He called on the Church in Africa to answer the call to duty by taking righteousness to the high places of governance in Africa. Mumba said the church in Africa needs to turn to governance and fix it. He told the clergymen and women that God called him to disciple the nation.

Mumba explained that he was not in politics for politics’ sake but that he had a call on his life to disciple Zambia.

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