Chicol Estates unveils natural fertilisers

ZAMBIA’S Chicol Estates last Thursday officially unveiled the Chicola Natural Fertilisers after eight years of trials.

A new company company called the Green Valley Fertilisers Zambia Limited was also launched at the same event to handle the anticipated increased production from the current five tones per day to between 50 tonnes and 100 tonnes once the plant is opened in the MFEZ area early next year.

The natural fertilizer has been tried on soya beans, maize, vegetables and lawns, with the Zambia National Farmers Union saying it has been “a huge success”.

The natural fertiliser has been approved by the Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI).

Chicol Estates proprietor and founder of the Chicola Natural Fertilisers, Aaron Chungu said the fertiliser was now ready for uptake.

He said Green Valley Fertilisers Zambia Limited would be taken to the MFEZ where poultry farmers could be delivering chicken droppings, the major raw material for the natural fertilizers, which are processed into small smooth pellets.

“The cost of putting up the plant is about US$1.5 million. This is a good product which is ready for FISP and the general market,” said Chungu.

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