LWSC to phase out paper bills

THE Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company says it is phasing out paper bills on December 10 and moving to Email and SMS Bill delivery system.

LWSC public relations officer Nshamba Muzungu said all those who were receiving hard copy bills would have to have an email address.

“Obviously for it to work, you must have some email address or something. For those who don’t have, it’s a requirement that they need to have that. In this time I think it’s important… technologically, we have moved and we expect that everyone should have that,” Muzungu said.

He said those who lived in peri-urban areas did not receive bills but paid from water tills while some had cards that they used.

“So mostly, this will be for people in urban areas because in peri-urban bills, these things are not delivered on their doorsteps. Just the way everyone is required to get a TPIN, I think in the same line with technological requirement, I think it’s high time we took that direction. It helps us to also save on costs for delivery of these bills and convenience for customers, just like bank statements are sent to people’s email addresses,” said Muzungu.

According to a posting from LWSC, people are advised to send their email addresses and water account numbers by SMS to 3455.

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