Chipata man gets K50 fine for insulting in-law

THE Chipata Magistrates’ Court has fined a man of Msekera area K50 for insulting his in-laws. And a man of Chikuwe area has been sentenced to five years imprisonment for stock theft. Resident magistrate Boniface Mwala fined Sekelani Zulu of Msekera K50 for use of insulting language.

Zulu is alleged to have insulted Maiwase Zulu when he went to his in-laws’ house to see his children who were with their mother on October 5. When he arrived at the house in a drunken state, Zulu was told to go back and only return after he had sobered up. It was at this point that he insulted the complainant.

In mitigation, Zulu said he married from the complainant’s home and that the incident occurred when he was drunk. The court said the fine should be paid before Monday next week or in default one month simple imprisonment. And magistrate Zulu convicted and sentenced Watch Zulu after he readily pleaded guilty to the charge of stock theft. Zulu’s co-accused Chembe Mwanza pleaded not guilty to the charge and his case will come uo for trial on November 23.

Facts before the court were that Zulu stole a cow worth K2,800 and was apprehended when he attempted to sell it to Isaac Mphande of Harrison village in chief Chikuwe’s area.

In mitigation, Zulu asked the court to give him bail so that he could discuss the matter with the owner of the cow. He said the complainant was willing to discuss the matter with him out of court. Zulu said he was willing to pay the owner K3,000. He said he was looking after eight orphans and that he had no parents.

But magistrate Mwala said the bail application had been superseded by his conviction, adding that he could only apply for bail pending appeal.

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