Pilato is right

Dear editor,
Plato is on strong ground when he says there is a big difference between loyalty and bum-licking. Whereas one is dignified honourable, the other is cheap and associated with treachery, selfishness and/or greed and double standards as it were and is superficial.
Bootlickers don’t lick boots, bums because they like the person whose boots or bums they are licking. N0? They lick the boots or bums of their ‘heroes’ because they want to secure favours for themselves – It’s simply another the case of sebana wikute.
So long as they are eating, they do care whose bum they are licking. But do such people stick around when their benefactor is unable to continue providing for them iris out of office. In fact, in most cases, they abandon their long term benefactor if the price is right.
To call oneself bootlicker is to ascribe all these attributes on oneself. It’s doubtful that Lusambo realised the gravity of what he was saying.
And good leaders don’t or should tolerate such people as they do not build in any way. They also do not add value . Instead they destroy. Look at how Mugabe, has been destroyed by the very people he he was helping.
President Lungu should not associate himself with bootlickers. Like fleas, they leave when their host is no more.

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