Sustainable development

Dear editor,
As a government and a people, we should be very concerned about the future. Both of our country’s natural resources and that of the people.
The activities we engage in now have the potential to lead us to a prosperous future or condemn us to an abyss of misery.
Deliberate policies need to be put in place to ensure the future of the country both in terms of people and natural resources is secured.
Investments in education need to be made to improve the average level of education for the ordinary Zambian. The average level of education in our country is very poor. Much more needs to be done to bring it to acceptable levels. it is very difficult to register meaningful development when the vast majority of the people are illiterate. Nigeria’s rapid economic growth is in large part due to its education policies. An average Nigerian is reasonably educated.
Apart from educating Zambians to propel this country economically, the authorities need to invest in the future of the country by way of securing our natural resources. Mining policies that ensure Zambians get reasonable returns on mining proceeds should be put in place. We cannot afford to continue being reaped off by some foreign investors who even make fun of how much they are reaping us off. We don’t need protestors in London or wherever to protest on our behalf. We don’t need preachers to speak about how daft we are to allow ourselves to be reaped off to take action. We just need to identify bad deals and rectify them.
Our forests are also being wiped out before our very own eyes. The charcoal trade is literally wiping out our trees and leaving our land bare. More needs to be done to save our trees.
Our children should not find a desert of a country reaped off of its mineral and other resources. They too deserve similar opportunities that we have now.

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