C/BELT PF CRACKS …as party ‘commanders’ vent their anger on Lusambo for lying to Lungu that all is well


THE Patriotic Front on the Copperbelt is facing a major crack as most of the grassroot members whom the party relies on for harassment of their opponents have shifted camp.

And PF cadres calling themselves ‘commanders’ on the Copperbelt have warned provincial minister Bowman Lusambo for “lying to President Edgar Lungu” that the region is intact when people are suffering.

PF sources have revealed that many grassroots members of the PF had shifted camp to the National Democratic Congress. The sources said most of the ‘ PF commanders’ on the Copperbelt had their loyalty to Chishimba Kambwili and could not do anything to harm the Roan member of parliament even if the party had several times instructed them to do so.

Recently, Copperbelt chairperson Stephen Kainga had warned Kambwili that his cadres would sort him out for being critical of President Edgar Lungu’s government which he belonged to until his dismissal in November last year.

But after realizing that there was no one left to undertake the task for him Kainga quickly changed his mind and told The Mast that he had discussed with Kambwili over the matter and therefore wanted to retract the warning against the former information minister.

But Kambwili denied ever speaking to Kainga and dared him to go ahead with his plans to sort him out.

“Things have fallen apart here. Most of these boys which the party has been relying on to scare our opponents have shifted their loyalty to NDC. There is really nothing much left for the PF here. Ba Kainga balisa papa after scaring ba Kambwili ati my boys will sort him out. After checking on the ground, he actually discovered that all his boys were in fact in support of Kambwili so that’s the reason for the U-turn on the warnings he gave Kambwili,”

said the source.

And in a two minute, 30 seconds recording,  ‘commander’ Toby, one of the PF Green Delta security wing members, said the youth were suffering and wondered why Lusambo kept telling President Lungu that the party was intact in the area.

He complained that the youths who had been beating UPND members and stopping them from holding meetings in the area were suffering while the minister and those that surrounded him were enjoying.

“This is general, general, how are you the chairman and all the commanders? Awe fyaumfwika mwema commanders, icho tulelila ni nsala. Ifyo tatulefwaya kuya mukulomba kuli ba UPND, twalikana ifwe. Ifwe balitwebele ba [Michael] Sata ati ninebofye batushila na ba boss (President Lungu). Naiwe wewatemwa lyonse pa airport ati iyo Mr President Copperbelt is intact ine wilambikilako ati (it’s clear commanders, what we are crying about is hunger. What we don’t want is going to beg from UPND, this we have refused. Sata told us it’s me and the boss. Now you who like saying Mr President Copperbelt is intact, never include me saying) it’s intact,”

warned Toby.


“Ulelanda ati Copperbelt but ukufunishako Toby taili intact, wilambikilako ine nama Commanders bonse wilababikilako. Na chairman na general wilababikilako. Wewatemwa lyonse ukubepa pa airport ati Copperbelt is intact, intact inshi (You say Copperbelt is intact, you should not include me, Toby and the other generals, you like saying Copperbelt is intact, what intact?)”

He warned Lusambo against misinforming President Lungu each time he visited the Copperbelt.

“Apo wikala iwe na pa secretariat yaba UPND nimupepi apo, elo twaishile twaleuma ba UPND elo baleteka ama meeting tapali uwafuminepo nangu ni bululu obe aisa mukutwafwa ulubuli (Where you live its near the UPND secretariat but when we came to beat up UPND guys who were having meetings none of your relatives came out to help us),”

Toby is heard saying in the recording.


The ‘commander’ lamented that some of the PF youths who were at the centre stage of beating UPND members broke their legs in the process while Lusambo sat in the comfort of his home.


“Abaiche besu balikontweke amolu, twakwete abaiche besu 73 ebo belepwile imitwe twabatwala pa central (Hospital) uwafunishe indala ni general na chairman. Imwe mwebachipani tamwafushiko nangu ni one ngwee (Some of our boys suffered broken legs, 73 of them were hacked in their heads and we took them to Central Hospital; none of the people in the party helped with the medical fees, it was the general and commander who paid the bills). Kwaisaba nafuti ati GBM (UPND vice-president) baleisa na Hakainde, elo imwe ninshi namwikalafye mumayanda namuikomena mwebachipani. Twaisaya pa roadblock twa blocker; k radio Ichengelo twaya elo tatwakonkele ati tupepa kuka Tolika, twaliya napa radio Ichengele na palya pene twaya blocker but nga bafika ba President, nga ati balolekeshepo, ‘nga abana bandi’? Iwe ati awe iyo naifwe tulechitako benefit; mulecitako benefit ifinshi tulabako ifwe uko mwakana ama plot (also there was GBM who came with Hakainde, you from the party locked yourselves in your houses. We went to the roadblock and blocked the road. We even went to Radio Icengelo and blocked their access, we did not regard ourselves as Catholic followers but when the President arrives and wants to look at us, you say you want to benefit also, benefit what, are we there where you share plots?)” asked Commander.

“Nangu ama plot elo yafuma mwalimonapo amashina yesu pama plot palya? Takwaba, tatwisako na ku Civic Centre ati tupeniko ama plot nangu shani. Twaishibafye ukuibombela noku supota ba boss (Lungu). So noti ati mulepunda ati Copperbelt ili intact, taili intact, abantu balelila insala kuno ninshi imwe mulelyafye mweka, mulelyafye mweka ifyo fine; tapali nendalama uko shimifisha. Tulamimona bonse abali mu MMD, abanenu abali ama minister twalibamona ifyo bapwa; mulelya bwino ifyo fine. Umwine boss nga atulanguluka akatupela elo nga atupela boss mukese mukupita umungulu kulya mukamona ifyo tukamicita; ifwe tusapotafye boss (have you ever seen our names on the list of plots? We don’t even come to the Civic Centre asking for plots. We only know working for ourselves and supporting the boss. So you shouldn’t be declari9ng that Copperbelt is intact, it’s not intact, people are crying of hunger while you are eating alone; you should continue eating alone. We see how your colleagues, who were ministers in MMD are finished. Continue enjoying like that. The boss will think of us one day and when he does, never come near because you will see what we will do to you).”

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