State House doesn’t like what Kambwili says – Chanda

STATE House spokesperson Amos Chanda says the presidency does not like what Chishimba Kambwili says about corruption in President Edgar Lungu’s government.

Meanwhile, Chanda has claimed that President Lungu travels with the smallest delegation whenever undertaking an international trip compared to other heads of state before him.

Chanda, who was featured on Diamond TV’s COSTA programme on Monday night, however said the “rubbish” Kambwili has been accusing President Lungu about was an expression of the existence of democratic space in Zambia.


He said assertions that the Head of State was corrupt and had amassed wealth as a result were just lies thrown in public space.

Chanda, however, challenged the Roan member of parliament to provide the numbers and street names for the properties he alleges President Lungu is constructing “rather than shooting in the dark”.

“We don’t like what Chishimba Kambwili is saying because most of it is total rubbish; just picking up lies and throwing it in public space but those in government have a high responsibility to govern and make sure that there is social cohesion and unity of purpose and that people tolerate each other,”

Chanda said.

“Those who have no responsibility like him to put the society together can go about ranting in a manner he has done. But you don’t expect the President to descend to that level… An allegation of corruption, when you say Costa you are corrupt, you must say and if it’s a building, you must say and if it’s a building, buildings have title numbers, street numbers, you must say whether $10 million has been stolen and from whom and where it has gone. To just to go and bundle around figures and accusations is a benefit of an irresponsible position but a responsible government no matter what, you cannot win a race to the bottom. Where are they seeing these mansions, we are on Bwinjimfumu road, if you say he has built a mansion, point at it that [it’s] house number 5 Bwinjimfumu, plot number what, title number what.”

He said the presidency was, however, worried that the quality of democracy in the country was being degraded by reckless accusations against President Lungu.

“The loudest noise we have heard about corruption, governance and this or that, the louder the noises you hear, the tolerant the government is, the more the president is. Some of the nonsense, you call them, is [said] in a State led by a tolerant President and tolerant government,” Chanda said.

“Some of that rubbish you find here is an expression of existence of democratic space available even to those that want to exercise their right to talk nonsense; that is a measure of freedom, freedom of expression. You have got the right to say what you are saying, I will defend your right to say what you are saying even if I don’t like it.”

He said in the long run, good would overcome evil over the ‘lies’ being peddled against the Presidency.

“Yes, we are concerned that the quality of democracy is being degraded by reckless accusations against President Lungu; yes that I am concerned but in the final analysis, good shall overcome evil,” Chanda said.

And Chanda claimed that President Lungu had the smallest delegations.

“The last trip…he went with four people to Zimbabwe. I think he went with three or four people to Angola, I was with him in Kigali for the inauguration of President [Paul] Kagame and there was myself, honorable [Christopher] Mvunga and special assistant legal, three people…the figures I cannot put there, I have looked at the record, this is the President who has traveled with the smallest ever delegation across the board. I have seen the delegation of all presidents, from president Kaunda,”

said Chanda.

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