Pilato unveils ‘Koswe Mumpoto’ [AUDIO]

SATIRICAL composer Pilato has released a controversial new song, which seems to take a swipe at the alleged corruption and theft by the government.

In ‘Koswe Mumpoto’ (rat in a pot), the prosaic performer and vocalist, whose real name is Chama Fumba, addresses alleged theft, irresponsibility and corruption allegedly being perpetrated by government leaders.

The song takes a dig at the theft in government saying the ‘Koswe’ has been stealing, thinking Zambians would not question him.

“Koswe inchito yakwe kwiba tabomba. Kubwendo bwakwa King Cobra kwalingila ba Koswe, apa inchito yabo Kwiba (A rat’s job is stealing and the Cobra’s hole has been invaded by rats whose job is stealing),” Pilato says in his song.

“King Cobra” was the nickname of president and PF founder Michael Sata.

“Apa kubako careful naba Koswe, twalafwa bonse nga tatwa Kose. Nabengila na mufipatala, ukufuma kumisebo amatala; bena monse kano balyemo. Ukufwaisha sana fi cheese nabaya nomba nakuma Chinese. Bushe kweni ni mbeba iyi, mukusamwa yasuma imbwili (We should be careful with these rats, we shall die if we are not strong. They have now gone in hospitals just after leaving roads. They want kickbacks in everything and in search of ‘cheese’. They are now dealing with the Chinese; is this a bush mouse or rat? In its gloating, it has beaten a leopard,” says part of the song due for release to the public on Monday.

Fumba has in the past released controversial songs, with some critical of President Edgar Lungu’s governance.

Between 2010 and 2011, he released “Mental Patients”, a song satirically referring to some non-performing Zambian members of parliament.

In 2013, he and Petersen released “Bufi”, a politically charged song that labelled late president Sata a “father of lies”.

Supporters of the ruling party were up in arms over ‘Bufi’, and Pilato later claimed he received numerous death threats over the song.

In his typical prosaic style, Pilato later released “Alungu Anabwela”, a satirical remake of Nashil Pischen Kazembe’s 1970s hit “Aphiri Anabwela.”

Following the song’s release, Pilato was arrested and charged with conduct likely to breach the peace.

His case drew widespread local and international media coverage.

On January 9 this year, Pilato decided to sign up for the ruling Patriotic Front.

Soon after, he released a song titled “Mwabetako”, which talks about the need for politicians to be sharing benefits of their positions with ordinary citizens who vote for them.
This left many of his followers puzzled as they wondered where his declared support for the PF stood a few months after joining the party.

Pilato, who was the most notable musician on the opposition UPND campaign trail, was embraced and welcomed by PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri as he ‘defected in repentance’.

He then pledged his loyalty to the ruling party.

The release of “Koswe Mumpoto”, however, seems to signal an end to that loyalty.

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