PF lacks ideological strength – Shimunza

MOVEMENT for National Transformation president Daniel Mvula Shimunza says the PF has clouded professionalism with cadres. And Shimunza has stressed that the PF government lacks ideological strength and only those with political connections are doing fine.

“Since 2011, PF has lacked serious ideological strength in policy coherence, and consistency. Caderism has clouded their professionalism. The party and government are inseparable, creating leadership gaps. What is in their manifesto, and what is being implemented is at variance, because they keep copying and pasting from various sources, to reconstruct, and compensate for a deficit, and defective vision they do not have,” Shimunza said in an interview.

He said corruption was given breeding space by a system which tolerated it.

“Corruption allegations keep growing by the day with evidence covered by a system that tolerates the vice. As revealed in the Auditor General’s reports, questionable tender awarding procedures, or procurement, and selfish aggrandizement through abuse of public resources are exacerbating the ineffectiveness of government. The only people doing well since 2011 are those close to power, unfortunately,” Shimunza said.

He added that his party would work towards having Zambia attaining first world status, by concentrating on job creation and industrialisation.

“MNT has a first world Zambia vision for real transformation…we’ll ensure aggressive industrialisation to create decent jobs,” said Shimunza.

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