FORMER World Boxing champion Esther Phiri says she is not sure whether she will return to the ring. Speaking in an interview, the former boxer said she had gained weight and there were a lot of frustrations in the boxing career, hoping no female boxer would go through what she did.

Esther has been out of action for the past two years.

“I’m enjoying my moments. I don’t know whether I am going back to boxing, I am not sure and I have gained weight,” Esther said.

She earlier posted a picture of herself in a boxing WhatsApp group saying; “Here after finishing my boxing career, [I] am now enjoying my freedom.”

But when asked later whether she had retired, Esther said; “Talking of retirement, I am not fighting, am I fighting now? I am resting.”

She, however, said she faced a number of frustrations in the sport but it was now behind her.

“Yes it’s true. I’m enjoying my freedom because I had a lot of frustrations in boxing. My experience was bad and none of these boxers who are coming now will go through it. I was accused of being sick and it hindered my career but I am healthy and I’m enjoying good health,” said Esther.

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