Maduro says Bolivarian revolution has taught right wing electoral lesson

VENEZUELAN President Nicolas Maduro says the Bolivarian Revolution has taught the right wing and its US supporters an electoral lesson with the people and democracy.

He said the empire (US) has been unable to suffocate Venezuela or Cuba economically and financially despite the onslaught. President Maduro also says the process of liberation of Latin America and the Caribbean from imperialism required great effort, dedication and tenacity including mobilization and cultivation of faith and belief among the youth.

Closing the 16th Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America- People’s Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP in its Spanish acronym) political council meeting in Havana on Tuesday, President Maduro said late Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez had left the region with a heavy legacy.

In the presence of Cuban President Raul Castro, politburo members, ALBA-TCP delegates and university students from the region, President Maduro said Venezuela was slowly overcoming the excessive aggression witnessed in the first half of 2017.

He said for 120 days Venezuela was engulfed in continuous violent crashes. President Maduro said the violence was aimed at bringing about a civil war to create conditions for external military intervention. He said the US wanted to intervene militarily and make Venezuela a protectorate.

President Maduro said the revolution was saved by Chavez’s legacy which enabled it to establish a Constituent National Assembly.

“We had to fight hard. It was very complex,” he said. “Public order, the violence perpetrated by local and international extreme right, had to be controlled with a democratic vision. The election of the Constituent National Assembly was the defeat of this violence. It was the advent of peace and it allowed us to resume the political initiative for the Bolivarian Revolution.”

He recalled the massive electoral victory in the gubernatorial election on October 15 followed by the mayoral elections last Sunday.

President Maduro said the resounding governorships victory gave the revolution seats in areas that were not under the command of Chavista forces.

He said in 140 days, his government prepared and held three elections.

“Three successful elections… this has been an answer to those who try to present Venezuela as a dictatorship that deprives its citizens of rights,” President Maduro said.

“Last Sunday, more than nine million attended the vote. And again another triumph, 92 per cent of the country’s mayors for the Bolivarian forces. We can say, in front of the imperialist onslaught, that the revolution has given them a lesson with the people and democracy. We are under excessive aggression. Aggression against Venezuela and the blockade against Cuba are attempts to suffocate us economically and financially, but imperialism will not be able to do that with the Bolivarian Revolution or with Cuba. Yes the empire is persecuting, blockading us.”

He recalled that Fidel and Chavez founded ALBA on December 14, 2004.

“It was the meeting of two dreamers. Two men who were looking for ways to realize their dreams, breaking barriers and paradigms,” President Maduro said.

“Two men characterized by bravery and rebellious spirit, for the deep love of the ideal of Patria Grande (great homeland) inherited from [Simon] Bolivar and [Jose] Marti. These were highly motivated anti-imperialists.”

He said ALBA was a worthwhile mechanism of integration that had to do with the humble and whose centre was the social happiness of the peoples of the continent. President Maduro said the social work of ALBA transcended individual member countries. He said the political work of 13 years of ALBA’s existence allowed a process of acceleration of the unifying dynamics in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“It is not possible to speak about the creation of Community of Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC) without speaking of the ALBA,” said President Maduro.

“ALBA enabled the emergence of new progressive leadership in Latin America. It created trust and confidence between Latin America and the Caribbean Community. We recognize that there is much more to be done and that the dreams of these two giants [Fidel and Chavez] are still to be realized. But we are the continuers of the world that was founded 13 years ago for the alliance of our America. We should fall in love with unity, integration. A lot of awareness is needed to consolidate processes, processes that are not linear.”

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