Nyanje, Kathumba aren’t enemies, says Sinda DC

SINDA District commissioner Paradious Sakala says chief Kathumba and chieftainess Nyanje are not enemies. Sakala, in an interview, said it was instead subjects of the two traditional leaders who were trying to create tension between the two.

Last week, chief Kathumba, who spoke through Mphangwe FM in Katete, gave a six-month ultimatum to chieftainess Nyanje’s subjects to vacate his chiefdom for alleged indiscipline. He accused the Nsengas in Kathumba area of being stubborn and arrogant and carelessly cutting down trees, a practice he said was affecting the environment.

“Ndine wokhumudwa ndi anthu akwa mfumukazi Nyanje, ndi anthu atibvuta kwambiri popeza alikudula mitengo mwacisawawa, aligulisanso malo omwe anabwelekewa…telo afunika abwelere kwao kwa mfumukazi nyanje chifukwa alikuvutisa eni ache amalo ndipo achewa onse ali kwa Nyanje abwelele kuno kwa Kathumba malo ndizawapasa ndipo ndipempha mfumu kazi Nyanje kupeza malo komwe angaike anthu ao (I am disappointed with the people from chieftainess Nyanje as they have troubled us so much by being arrogant, cutting trees carelessly and also selling the fields which they borrowed. So I appeal to all the Nsengas living in my chiefdom to return to their Nsengaland in chieftainess Nyanje’s area and all the Chewas in Nyanje chiefdom to return to Chewaland; I will give them land and I appeal to chieftainess Nyanje to find land where her subjects can settle,” said chief Kathumba.

However, some people who commented on Mphangwe FM’s Facebook page, condemned chief Kathumba’s statement and said there was need for the subjects of the two leaders to live in peace. Commenting on the matter, Sakala said the government had taken the issue of the two traditional leaders as an inside matter which should not be misunderstood by the people.

“One thing I would like to make clear is that the issue of chief Kathumba of the Chewa and chieftainess Nyanje shouldn’t be misunderstood; that someone should think the two leaders are at loggerheads. They are not as they are very much at peace but it is the subjects of the two traditional leaders who want to create tension between the two leaders,” Sakala said.

He said the government was aware of “the vultures” who wanted to portray a bad picture of the two leaders by claiming that they were enemies.

“We don’t want vultures to complicate the matter by saying the two are enemies, no! They are not and I want to warn that the vultures spreading false comments and statements should desist from confusing the masses. And as government, we are still having an in-house discussion with the two as plans are underway to meet them together and see the way forward because it is their subjects who want to create tension between the them, yet the two are long time friends. And you know that by tribe and history, chieftainess Nyanje is a wife of the Gawa Undi, the paramount chief of the Chewa, so you can see the everlasting relationship between the two. It’s beyond one’s reasoning,” said Sakala.

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