Chipata police arrest boy for stealing from Mpezeni’s palace


POLICE in Chipata have arrested a 17-year-old boy for breaking into Mpezeni’s Laweni dormitory where he allegedly stole various household goods. And police in Chipata have recovered an empty cash box belonging to Eastern Water and Sewerage Company where thieves broke into the accounts office and stole over K7,199 cash, cheque books and airtime on Sunday.

Eastern Province deputy police commissioner Sharon Zulu, who confirmed the incident yesterday, said the boy, the son to one of the headmen in Mtenguleni area, broke into the dormitory on December 11, 2017.

“We received a report from Mabvuto Nzima, an induna under Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people. The report was made to the effect that this boy, the son to Mr Peter Tembo, a headman at Mtenguleni, broke into the Laweni where the chief keeps his valuables and stole various goods therein. This young boy was apprehended by police and he led the police to the recovery of assorted items,” Zulu explained.

She said the recovered items were valued at K2, 608.

“He (the boy) took advantage of the key, which was being kept by the father who is a headman. So even the father was not aware that his son had taken the keys,” Zulu said.

She also said police had launched investigations into the robbery that occurred at EWSC in the early hours of Sunday.

Zulu said an empty cash box had been recovered in Mchini area and that the robbers who injected a guard with unknown medicine stole K7,199 cash, cheque books and airtime for all networks.

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