Judge Newa orders retrial of Chipata man jailed for theft


THE Chipata High Court on Monday quashed the five-year sentence slapped on a Chipata man charged with breaking into a building and committing a felony there in.

Lusaka High Court judge Sharon Newa ordered that Patrick Chirwa should be retried by a different court on the same matter. This is a matter where Chirwa had applied against his conviction and sentence by the Chipata Magistrates’ Court.

Chirwa was slapped with the five-year jail sentence in December 2016. It was alleged that Chirwa jointly and whilst acting with other people broke into Liberty shed with intent to commit a felony and did steal 145 by 50 kilogramme  bags of D Compound fertiliser valued at over K32,000 property of Cargill.

Judge Newa ruled that the magistrate erred before ordering that the matter be retried by a different magistrate. And a Chipata resident on Monday pleaded not guilty to eight counts of obtaining money by false pretenses, impersonation and fraud in the Chipata Magistrates’ Court.

Before magistrate Moses Phiri was Levy Humphrey Banda.

After recording a plea of not guilty in all the eight counts, magistrate Phiri adjourned the matter to January 8, 2018 for commencement of trial.

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