Court stops Mulungishi Village Complex from evicting Inutu Suba

THE Lusaka High Court has granted former permanent secretary for special duties at Cabinet Office Inutu Suba a stay, stopping Mulungushi Village Complex Limited from evicting her from the villa.

Judge-in-charge Getrude Chawatama granted the order for stay and set January 16 for inter parte hearing.

According to a statement of claim filed in the principal registry, Suba is claiming a declaration that she was entitled to be accommodated by the government up to receipt of the balance of her terminal benefits inclusive of repatriation allowances.

She also seeks an order that a former civil servant is entitled to three months free accommodation from the time of receipt of her terminal benefits and repatriation allowance, among other reliefs.

She stated that in the quest to humiliate, torment, degrade and embarrass her, the defendant on December 20 handed a letter to her housemaid as she went back to the residence for lunch giving her the same day to vacate the premises.

Suba stated that she lives with a son, who is mentally retarded, and a teenage school boy who is a grandson, and that it was possible that she may be stopped from going into the complex or the house maybe locked with children inside it while the children would be separated from her or from each other when they need parental supervision at all times, more especially the mentally retarded one.

“As far as the plaintiff is aware, there has not been any justifiable reason to harass her as her former employers have not given her notice of termination of tenancy neither has the defendant terminated the tenancy entered into with Cabinet Office,” the statement further read.

Suba explained that during the subsistence of her employment, she became entitled to official accommodation by her employer by virtue of which she became accommodated at the complex at the instruction of Cabinet Office.

“It was also a condition of service that upon termination of her services, she would be paid all her terminal benefits inclusive of repatriation allowance prior to surrendering the official accommodation,” she stated.

Suba further stated that in September 2014, her services were terminated but has to date continued living at the complex as her terminal befits have not been paid in full while her repatriation dues have also remained unpaid to date.

She stated that due to non-payment of her dues, it was discussed and agreed between her and the defendants that once the government surrendered the tenancy of the house in issue and all dues paid to her, the defendant would give her notice of that occurrence so that she exercises the option of entering into a tenancy agreement with the defendant or vacate the house.

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