Father, son end feud over damage to property on embracing note

THE case where a Chipata man was in court for damaging his father’s property ended on an embracing note. Last week, the Chipata Magistrates’ Court ordered the accused person to kneel before his father and seek forgiveness for damaging his property valued at K4,545.

This is the case where John Zulu, 39 was charged with malicious damage to property. It was alleged that Zulu on November 30, 2017 damaged two French doors and 22 glass panes, all valued at K4,545, the property of his father, Teddy Zulu, 60.

When asked why he damaged his father’s items, John said he did not know what came to his mind and that he was asking for forgiveness. And his father said he wanted to forgive his son because his siblings had asked him to do so. At this point, magistrate Philip Mpundu instructed John to kneel before his father, who was in the witness dock.

After John humbly knelt before his father, magistrate Mpundu asked him to state the relationship between the two of them. When John said the complainant was his biological father, the magistrate asked the father to step out of the witness dock and hold his son by the hand and move out of the court.

During the ordeal, John’s father was seemingly smiling while John did not believe that the case was withdrawn in that fashion. There was laughter in court as the two were walking out of court while holding each other’s hand.

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