Lusaka youths turn Christmas into a beer, dance party

SCORES of Lusaka youths besieged Uncle T’s drinking spot in Kabwata area on Christmas eve. As it is seemingly portrayed in Zambia now, Christmas has been turned into a day for drinking and partying by the youths and the old alike. So, it was just that at the now popular Uncle T spot.

Who was there? The old, middle-aged and under age all converged to drink all sorts of alcoholic beverages and inevitably to dance. Boys and girls, apparently less than 18 years, were all over brandishing bottles of all sorts of beer available. Of course, dressed in outfits that morally restrains one from bending, the ladies defied that ‘moral’ concept and it was lo and behold – Christmas was in Kabwata.

When this reporter forced his way right into the middle of the festive crowd, the ambience was ‘distorted’ by smokes of tobacco. At about 23:00 hours, the revelry, punctuated by displays of fireworks, intensified and likewise, ‘couples’ grew in number. Elsewhere, the situation was as electric as at Uncle T’s pub. At Drums Pub in Chilenje, revellers danced to anything that the DJ played – after all, it was Christmas.

However, at Manda Hill shopping mall, there was noticeable inactivity – unlike the hype that has characterised the spot in previous years. The Christmas entertainment tide in Lusaka was brightened by the fact that it did not rain; so, there was leeway to safely drive and roam. On some public roads, traffic was flowing without any life-threatening antics from drivers, unless otherwise.

All in all, it was merry Christmas for everyone; those who chose to be drunk in pubs, to be clear-headed either in Church or at home and even those who opted not to ‘recognise’ this day. The merriment was too much to ignore!

Away from what we usually see happening during the build-up to or on Christmas Day, this is the season to correctly reason.

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