Liberia isn’t a poor country, declares George Weah

LIBERIA’S President-elect George Weah says his country is not poor.

And Weah says Liberia’s most important resource is its people.

Weah, that country’s football legend, has been declared winner of a presidential runoff held on Tuesday, with 61.5 per cent of the vote.

In a statement made available to The Mast this evening by Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change party, Liberia’s National Elections Commission (NEC) declared the former footballer winner of the election whose voter turnout was only about 56 per cent.

 “Liberia is not a poor country. Liberia is a rich country, but its riches have not reached the average person. The generosity of outside donors has suffered the same fate. We have all the resources we need to offer better lives to our citizens. We must learn to harness them,”

Weah said following his election, according to the statement.

“Our most important resource…is you. For us to truly put the past behind us, young Liberians must be able to find work. You must have economic opportunities. We must create an economy that offers equal access to opportunity. You must have the tools to take part in it.”

He thanked the other candidates for their respect of the electoral process which he said was a success and also thanked former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for having been the guarantor of the respect of the institutions and democratic transition.

“The massive mobilization of Liberian people, especially the youth, for this runoff election is a sign of hope and shows their desire for change. The future of a country is carried by its youth who clearly made their choice in the polls for George Weah. [He] wishes to embody a new generation of politicians in Africa with new ways to do politics. His election witnesses the need of transparency and renewal in Liberia,” the statement read in part.

“The new elected president wants to work with all Liberians, no matter their political sensibilities, in order to move the country forward towards progress.”

Weah is tomorrow expected to put in place his reforms calendar, with priorities being access to water, electricity, education and health, further pledging to fight and defeat corruption “with utmost intransigence”.

“Liberia must take its place on the African and international scene. George Weah has great ambitions to promote the interests of his country. He is ready to work with all democratic countries willing to participate to the economical development of Africa,”

stated the Coalition for Democratic Change.

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