Society needs people like Mulusa – Mambo

BISHOP John Mambo has advised Lucky Mulusa to be consistent with his condemnation of the wrongs in the PF government because people like him are needed in society.

And Bishop Mambo says it is undeniable that Mulusa is an exceptional politician. Meanwhile, Green party leader Peter Sinkamba says the firing of Mulusa is not startling.

“President Lungu’s decision to fire Mulusa is a bitter Christmas gift to him. Having come from MMD, he would have known that this was going to happen to him. In terms of agriculture policies, MMD had the best policies. To this date, as I am talking to you, farmers have not received their farming inputs. Mulusa fought for that party to be transformed but this idea of politicians moving from one party to the other even if they mean well…they end up being punished,” Bishop Mambo said.

“Knowing him, it’s not a sad day for him but he must be consistent in speaking out against evil. We all agree with whatever issues he has been raising. The issue about fire tenders which he called wheelbarrows…he was not wrong because most of them are packed. If there was a fire today, property would be lost today. People like Mulusa are needed in this country. This idea of saying ‘don’t bite the finger that feeds you’ doesn’t make sense. When you are a minister, you are paid by taxpayers’ money and these people are supposed to speak for the voiceless in society.”

Bishop Mambo said it was sad that Mulusa had been fired when he was one of the best ministers in President Lungu’s government.

“If as a President, you get rid of all those that speak against you, then what will become of this country if we don’t speak out as Zambians? If we don’t stop this as Zambians…we are heading towards a Banana Republic. Right now, stealing is the order of the day; corruption now is a song that you play every day. Even villagers today know that things are not okay and corruption has become our daily bread. As for Mulusa, I sympathise with him. I think that is not the end of the world. Serving the people of Zambia is not being nominated as an MP. He should join us, be a villager and continue to speak out,” said Bishop Mambo.

“He is an exceptional politician. For example, Hon Chishimba Kambwili when he was government spokesperson, he never used to speak out against the evils in government. But look at Mulusa, he has been frank and he has been speaking out on most of the wrong decisions that the PF government has been making.”

Meanwhile, Sinkamba said the firing of Mulusa was not startling. He said it was inevitable considering that he had been asked by President Lungu to resign but he elected not to do so.

The Green Party leader said for two months, the writing was on the wall that he would inevitably be relieved of his duties.

“You remember, two months ago, news leaked from State House that Lucky was asked by the President to resign following his comments on $42 million fire tenders. I spoke to him at the time. He told me it would not be in the best interest of the nation if he resigned. He said in national interest, he was prepared to take the political risk regardless his fallout,” Sinkamba said in statement issued by his media team.

“No doubt about it, Lucky was very close to the President. I must say, he was one of President Lungu’s confidantes. However, the $42 million fire tenders appears to have rattled the feathers. I think it brought to the fore personal identity issues and the clash of principles. But as Denis Waitley once said, ‘there are two primary choices in life to take: the first is to accept conditions as they exist. The second is to accept the responsibility for changing them.’ I will add the third choice: to accept responsibility for attempting to change them. This is the choice Lucky must make. He was not so lucky to change the conditions in this instance.”

He advised Mulusa and President Lungu to remain friends even if they part political company.

“You see, Lucky and I have been family friends for over 30 years. He is not a type that engages in politics of hate and vengeance. I have not known him for that and will counsel him not to indulge in such politics,” said Sinkamba.

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