Sinda headmen, chiefs’ indunas petition removal of councilor


ABOUT 38 village headmen and chiefs’ indunas in Sinda constituency have petitioned the removal of Kasangazi PF ward councillor Jonathan Phiri for alleged indiscipline.

According to a letter addressed to Sinda district commissioner Paradious Sakala, Kasangazi ward traditional secretary Jairos Sakala stated that since 2016, the councillor had shown indiscipline despite being talked to about it.

“We are informing you that traditional leaders of Kasangazi ward are disappointed with the activities of our councilor, Mr Jonathan Phiri. In 2016, on 1st November, he dubiously got money worthy K1,500:00 from residents of Mtukulo village claiming he will sink a borehole for them, which was a lie. But upon asking him, he intimidated and threatened the traditional leaders but they pressurised him until he had to pay back the money,” the letter read.

“On November 29, 2017 around 23:40 hours, he went to Mkwinda Primary School and got 14 bags of cement, six glass panes, two kgs of roofing nails and one kg pat for CDF which were brought for constructing a teacher’s house. But when we talked to him, he insulted the village headmen and said he doesn’t deal with illiterate and ignorant people and a lot of things that have not been listed in this letter.”

Jairos stated that Phiri had been advised several times by chief Mbangombe’s indunas but he did not change.

He said the traditional leaders surrounding Kasangazi ward on December 28, 2017 met and resolved that they would not allow the civic leader to continue representing the people he regarded ignorant and illiterate.

“As traditional leaders surrounding Kasangazi ward, we met on 28th December 2017 and agreed that Mr Jonathan Phiri should not continue representing us as he can’t represent ignorant and illiterate people. So you are requested to meet traditional leaders so that they give you another person who can work and represent people of Kasangazi ward,” stated Jairos in a letter was copied to council chairperson Michael Phiri, Sinda member of parliament Masauso Tembo, chieftainess Kawaza, chief Mbangombe, Sinda district PF chairperson Michael Phiri, the media and councillor Phiri.

Last month, Tembo and council chairperson Michael Phiri expressed disappointment with the conduct of Phiri and criticized his action in the presence of the people.

Phiri was unavailable for comment.

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