Wednesday 10/01/2018

Let’s maintain hygiene

Dear Editor,

Cholera is getting out of hand in Lusaka and other parts of the country. It has now killed over 65 people and infected almost 3,000. So we should keep our bodies and surroundings very, very clean.
Don’t drink dirty water and we should eat healthy to prevent cholera. In my family, we are not going to get cholera because we wash our hands after using the toilet so even all you people who I am writing to should maintain hygiene and pray every day and night. God will bless you all so we have to thank God for all He has done.

For me, I am just a little girl; I just love everyone – the poor, the rich – as it says in the Bible that love your neighbor as you love yourself. So I just wanted to say “Be safe!”

Lisa Kafunda – 9 years old

The failed referendum

Dear editor,

All these corruption incidents, allegations and everything associated with the vice always takes me back to the failed referendum. It also takes me to the failures to enact the Access to Information Bill. Right now, no one in government is obligated to provide the public with information pertaining to all these claims simply because it’s not entrenched in the Bill of Rights. More reason this crop and the next crop of leaders will continue to fail us.

The UPND fought hard and perhaps their victory in the last election is the fact that the referendum failed. But this has left a weak Zambia begging for solutions and not slogans. If we can have this clause inserted in our current constitution, the better. Right now, there’s no end in sight to the incessant allegations and deafening silence from government simply because of that gap in legislation.

Concerned citizen

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