Witness tells court Chiluba’s son stole friend’s phone


THE Lusaka Magistrates’ Court has heard that former president Frederick Chiluba’s son, Frederick Jr, stole his family friends’s cell phone and sold it at K600 in Chibolya compound.

In this case, Frederick, 33, is alleged to have stolen Brenda Chisha’s Samsung S6 Edge phone valued at K8,500 on September 2 last year. Testifying in the case before magistrate Nthandose Chabala, arresting officer Chris Mwale, who was being cross examined by defence lawyer Chola Musonda, said Frederick allegedly stole the phone from Brenda, whom he said was a family friend and sold it in Chibolya.

It was heard that on the material day, Frederick asked if he could use Brenda’s phone but disappeared with it. He said the accused told him he wanted to use the money to buy drugs. Mwale said the phone was stolen while Brenda, Isaac Banda and the accused were at Moma’s Pub. He said Frederick left the Pub with the complainant’s phone and later switched it off.

Mwale said he did not come across any information that Frederick got the cell phone but later returned it and put it on the table. He said it took about five minutes for the complainant to know that the phone was missing after Frederick was out of sight. Mwale said when he interviewed Fredrick over the theft of the phone, he told him he sold it in Chibolya and but failed to lead him to the buyer.

He said it was wrong to say that he charged Frederick on wrong facts.

“I am in a position to tell the court that the phone was stolen by virtue of one disappearing with it and switching it off and he was only found later in Kabwata where he was apprehended by the complainant and the police,” Mwale said.

The court also heard that Frederick’s sister bought a similar cell phone in order to replace the stolen one but the complainant did not get it because the matter was already in court. The case has been adjourned to January 26 for cross examination of the first and second witnesses after the court granted the application that they be recalled following the defence’s request.

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