Kanyama residents riot, demand to trade

KANYAMA residents have rioted, demanding that the government allows them to trade.

But home affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo says the government’s decision to ban trading in Kanyama and other areas was because it doesn’t want people to die of cholera.

The government drove all traders out of the streets following the cholera outbreak that has now killed 67 people across the country.
Kanyama is one of the epicenters of the disease where a cholera centre has even been set up.

But the residents this morning took to the streets, burning tyres and calling on government to allow them to trade.

Police who rushed to the scene were attacked as the angry mob pelted all sorts of objects at them.

Reinforcement has been called in to quell the riots.

In his opening remarks on Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme a few minutes ago, Kampyongo told Kanyama residents to understand and allow the government to contain the cholera outbreak before they could return to normal business.

He warned not heeding health advice on trading would lead to a lot of deaths in the area that is among the worst hit by cholera.

More details coming…

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