Lungu risks impeachment – NDC

NATIONAL Democratic Congress Central Province mobilization chairperson Delkins Bwalya says President Edgar Lungu risks being impeachment for violating the constitution in 2016.

Bwalya stated that the decision by President Lungu to allow ministers to stay in office after the dissolution of parliament to pave way for the elections in 2016 and his refusal to hand over power to the Speaker following the presidential election petition by Hakainde Hichilema were enough ground for the opposition to push for the Head of State’s impeachment.

“The National Democratic Congress is alive to the fact that in the run up to the August 2016 general elections, President Lungu allowed ministers that were serving in the PF government at the time to continue staying in offices and were drawing salaries and allowances. The President could not also pave way for the Speaker of National Assembly to take over power during the same 2016 general elections as provided for by the new Republican Constitution. And now that the Constitutional Court has ruled that ministers that continued to stay in offices in the run up to the 2016 general elections did so illegally and must pay back the money they got. So President Edgar Lungu risks being impeached for violating the Republican Constitution,” Bwalya said.

He said the increasing allegations of corruption in the current government were equally worrying.

“Additionally, there are a number of corruption allegations levelled against the leadership of President Lungu. Some of the actions that the President has undertaken since 2016 amount to violation of the Republican Constitution, which would ordinarily warrant the impeachment of the Head of State by moving a motion in parliament,” said Bwalya who urged members of parliament to support the NDC’s quest to move an impeachment motion in parliament.

“As comrade Eric Chanda recently stated, the National Democratic Congress would like to appeal to the conscious of our members of parliament to support the NDC as we advocate for the impeachment process of the incumbent Head of State.”

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