Kalaba’s resignation a sign that PF govt is corrupt – Rainbow

EASTERN Province Rainbow Party youth chairperson Emmanuel Nyau says the resignation of foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba is an indication that President Edgar Lungu’s government is highly corrupt.

In an interview, Nyau said signs showed that President Lungu had failed to govern the country.

“President Edgar Lungu is being shown in the open that he has failed to lead because on many issues relating to corrupt practices – such as the fire tender issues, ambulances, road tenders – all these have shown and are indicating that Lungu has failed to rule Zambia as there is so much theft in his government,” Nyau said.

“Harry Kalaba was close to the President and for a person like him to resign, [it] simply means things are not okay, and on the other side, it just tells us how corrupt the President Lungu’s government is too much. Kalaba mentioned that he failed to contain the corruption in the PF government.”

Last week, Kalaba announced his resignation as foreign minister in a posting on Facebook after delivering a letter to President Lungu, citing “swelling” levels of corruption “perpetrated by those who are expected to be the solution”.

And Nyau warned political parties to be careful in accommodating members of PF because it was possible for the corruption in the ruling party to be transferred to other parties.

“I think inasmuch as people leave PF on genuine reasons, as opposition parties, we have to be careful too because it’s possible as we accommodate them, we can also accommodate corrupt seed from the PF. Let’s ensure we are careful if they are to join us,” he said.

Nyau said in the next general elections, people should look for a leader who could govern Zambia in the interest of its citizens.

“…let’s not look for a party with a lot of money but let’s see the party that has true and genuine plans for the Zambians and not selfish motives,” stated Nyau.

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