PF member claims Lungu supports illegal mining activities in Petauke

PF member Luka Banda says youths in PF should appreciate President Edgar Lungu for supporting their illegal mining in Petauke. In interview in Sinda, Banda, the former MMD Eastern Province youth chairperson, urged the youths to utilise the money made from illegal mining wisely as not doing so would make them suffer when the practice was stopped.

He said any youth in PF who said he had not benefited or rewarded by President Lungu was a liar.

“As youths, we have to appreciate President Edgar Lungu because in Petauke, we are doing illegal mining and the President is not stopping us because he knows that as youths we have to benefit from that. If he were a bad person, he would have banned us from mining. The youths from Petauke and other parts, we are benefiting from that illegal mining, and we are supported by the President,” Banda said.

He challenged the youths to use proceeds from the illegal mining wisely.


“As the youths, let’s work hard by using the money we acquire from that illegal mining wisely because any time the President can ban illegal mining and a serious person can be put there. And if we don’t use it wisely, then we shall suffer and I will not blame the President but to blame myself for not using the money wisely,” Banda said.


Asked about corruption in PF, Banda, who is currently a PF die-hard youth, said every minister was corrupt, including those that had left the ruling party.


He said any person saying they were not corrupt were liars.


“Honourable [Chishimba] Kambwili should come in the open to tell the people the truth on what he did when he was still a minister. As a minister, I don’t think he never used his boot to kick someone for him to have a contract or anything,” Banda alleged.


“We know for the guys who are working as ministers, there are a lot of opportunities for them to get a coin. I talk to a lot of ministers who are my friends and I know that any minister or a person who says he is not corrupt, that is a lie. It’s only Jesus who was not corrupt but all these guys, we are all corrupt…”


When asked about complaints that MMD had taken most positions in cabinet than PF members, Banda said President Lungu used “his intelligence to know that MMD has skilled and experienced former ministers than those in PF who have none”.

“Why do we have professionals in football? It’s because they have experience and skills. The President used his knowledge and intelligence to put former MMD ministers in PF as he knew he will work better with them and be able to score developments needed in Zambia. Look at honourable Dora Siliya! She worked as deputy minister for commerce; she worked as education minister. Look at Felix Mutati! Look at Vincent Mwale! all these served well in MMD government. We don’t say PF guys are dull but they have no experience,” said Banda who added that the newly formed NDC was just in the media as it had a few people.

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