‘Time has come for a paradigm shift’

Harry Kalaba says time has now come for a paradigm shift and politics of deception needs no place in Zambia anymore.

“The politics of deceiving people, the politics of telling people lies… are long gone. In the 21st century, what should concern us is how to take this country forward, what should concern us is the future of our children, the future of our school dropouts, the future of our youths who finish schools [but] they can’t find jobs…,” says Kalaba.

And the political leaders who fail to see this will have to answer to history for it. We hope they will accept their responsibility, understand the problem, state it in correct terms and struggle to ensure that our people also enjoy a better life.

We need to revisit our whole governance system and choose concrete, realistic and definitive solutions – not take the path of agony. We must choose a clear, intelligent, effective solution – not head toward Calvary. We think we have been struggling uphill for long enough. We have suffered not only the torment of Calvary but also that of Sisyphus, who had to keep pushing a boulder up a hill and every time he was about to reach the top, it would roll back down and he would have to start all over again. Our situation is worse than Calvary because Calvary was climbed quickly; we have been climbing our hill for a long time, and we keep on having to start over. Calvary is preferable to Sisyphus’ torment, and if we had our Calvary, we should also have a resurrection.

We want to find a real solution to the problems of our people, but what will happen is that our corrupt politicians will try to prevent the implementation of such solutions through all sorts of corrupt politics; they will deceive our people here and there and divide them so that each of us will remain with his or her own Calvary – and not even a Calvary, but with the agonising torture of pushing the boulder up a never-ending hill. But one day, the people of Zambia are going to demand, ‘how much longer do we have to put up with this deception?’ And then they will find solutions. We prefer an orderly solution to the problem of governance. But at the rate things are going, and with the dishonesty and intolerance of our ruling politicians, the ending may not be that smooth.

The business of truth, honesty, good versus evil is of no interest to the power hungry. And lies sound like facts to those who have been conditioned to mis-recognise the truth. Let no one ever intimidate you, you are standing on no one’s ground. But again, some have claimed our country as their own and usurped power from the rest of us. But they are usurpers; power belongs to every one of us. Seek it as much as possible. There is no shame in that. In fact, it’s a necessity. Either you have power or you are trampled to death in the stampede to get to the top.

Our politicians will always try to encircle us with the high walls of lies. We must know that the truth is beyond the walls and without meeting the truth, we cannot meet the freedom and make progress.

In our politics today, what you see is not necessarily what you get. We should not leave the governance of our country to these crooks, liars, thieves. They say life is politics, you do it or it does you. It is said that nothing is sweeter and addictive than power, the unlucky soul this demon possesses, if he is not sacrificed on its altar, it will sacrifice others himself to get it.

These deceitful politicians prey on our naivety.

Our politicians are not afraid of their lies, they are afraid their lies will not be believed. They will promise you heaven but can’t deliver even Purgatory; they will promise you a mountain but deliver an ant hill.

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