East PF official cautions members against belonging to other parties


EASTERN Province PF vice youth treasurer Mkanda Phiri has warned ruling party members in Chiwuyu ward against belonging to more than one political party.


Speaking to members at Chiwuyu primary school in preparation for a by-election following the death of a PF councillor Patrick Zulu, Mkanda said many people had lost lives for playing “monkey tricks” with politics.


“What will be painful is to lose this ward to the opposition. Already, we are still mourning our councillor and we can wipe the tears of the party if you work hard in selling the party so that we replace Mr Zulu with another PF product and even his soul will rest in peace. My brothers and sisters, this is not time to play double tobela, you are in PF and you are also in opposition. Let’s not do so because people have lost their lives with double tobela. Remain in the party people recognize you with,” said Mkanda and further warned that any member selling party information to the opposition would be caught and dealt with.


And Sinda district party chairperson Michael Phiri challenged members to select a credible candidate whom they believe could do the best in serving the people.


“You are the key of the best candidate, let’s choose a credible candidate to replace Zulu. Choose a person who will honestly work for you, choose a person who will be honest to you. If you choose a wrong person, you are the ones to blame. We don’t want to face a similar situation which happened in a certain ward where a councillor stole materials meant for development such that up to now, the case is still pending…we don’t want that,” he said.


“There are a lot of developments which our able government is doing under President Edgar Lungu, let’s explain to them as we campaign.”


Phiri, who is also council chairperson, complained that two UPND councillors in Sinda had showed a bad picture as they decampaigned the government agenda.


“When we say don’t vote for opposition, we know what we are talking about. Already, our two UPND councillors we have here have given us problems because when we give them things like rice to give people, they end up giving their relatives, this is because everything they want to politicise and decampaign government,” he claimed.


He encouraged women that government was soon to embark on a programme of empowering them where 1,560 women would this year receive K2,000 empowerment fund and another group would benefit next year.


Phiri explained that the initiative would be spearheaded by a committee and a volunteer to be employed by the community.

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