Having a criminal tag is bad – Mumbi


PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says government officials who have been accused of corruption should no keep quiet but speak out and defend themselves.

Speaking on One Love Radio on Tuesday, Mumbi said having a criminal tag was bad.


“It’s like what [Chishimba] Kambwili has been saying that ‘President Lungu has stolen’ and I have challenged him that he should tell us because the house Kambwili was talking about…he has even stopped talking about it…the one opposite Memorial Park. That house, President Lungu built it…he started building it when he was deputy minister in the Vice-President’s office and that time I was in the foreign service and I even copied the kind of roof which he used for my house. I have challenged honourable Kambwili that that land which he talks about…it belonged to [Ministry of] Foreign Affairs. He has a plot there and I can even take you there. I can name all of them who own a piece of land there. It is honourable Kambwili who was once foreign affairs minister who should tell us how they shared that land and I am not wrong,”

Mumbi said.


“He has come out to say, President Lungu has built flats near Regiment Church, I also have a plot there. The owner of those flats is a Mrs Kalunga…[and] who doesn’t know that Ndozo Lodge has been there even before President Lungu became President? There was a story where he was quoted saying I had bought a plot and built a house in three months. When I called him to confirm, he said ‘no, I didn’t say that’. If he had said that, ine kupapana nankwe because I have never been a thief and I don’t intend to be a thief when I am an adult. That’s why you can never hear that Mumbi is corrupt, Mumbi is a thief, never!”


She cautioned that anyone who raised issues against her should be careful because “I don’t take lies”.


“I have encouraged my colleagues who have been mentioned in this corruption to say, come out and speak because when you are quite it seems to be true. I know Honourable Jean Kapata started court proceedings. I am still continuing to encourage Honourable Stephen Kampyongo to do something about it. When you are given a tag of a criminal, it doesn’t only end with you. It will go to your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. They will be looked at as thieves. If you talk about Mumbi Phiri, be sure about what you talk about because I don’t take lies,”

Mumbi said.


And Mumbi reiterated that President Lungu had been endorsed as PF sole candidate for the 2021 elections.


“We have endorsed President Lungu as our sole candidate for 2021. But we are also going for a convention in 2020 and we have said we are not stopping anybody. If you feel, you can’t to challenge President Lungu, you are free to do so. PF is still strong and it’s intact. Today I saw a statement from MMD that ‘Let us mobilise to take advantage of the confusion in the PF’. There is no confusion in the PF. Look at what happened when we went for elections in 2016! We saw people leaving our party. So far, there is only Honourable Harry Kalaba who resigned, the rest were asked to leave. What has led to this is the presidential ambition that people have. I am telling the President whenever I am with him that ‘Let us work’. We don’t even pay attention. We are just working so that in 2021, we won’t have difficulties. President Lungu is our President. He was chosen by God to lead this country,”

Mumbi said.


“For example, Honourable Chishimba Kambwili is taken to court by Chilufya Tayali and he begins to insult the President. Is that fair? When he becomes president, would he want the same to happen to him? The bad things we do are always done to us. We are mobilising, bringing more members. If you say ba President balyonda nganabaputafye kuti bawa, will that put food on our table? Us it’s to work. Those who want to talk can talk. Lies have got short legs. We will see what will happen.”


She said those complaining that PF had been taken over by new people should stop because politics was about numbers.


“By the way, some people are now saying ‘PF you have brought new people. They have taken over the party’. Where did we come from? When did Sylvia Masebo join the PF? It was three months before elections. It’s laughable that people can start saying the party has been taken over. Even the biggest opposition party the UPND; North Western, all those people came from MMD…we are watching those who are speaking…,” said Mumbi.

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