Political violence

Dear editor,
It is clear that violence in PF is officially recognised as a means to intimidate rival political parties. The recent attack of NDC members by PF thugs in front of the police is just one of the many such incidences schemed by the PF.
The problem lies in the police service that has allowed itself to be captured by the ruling party and fails to demonstrate professionalism and instead institutes selective justice. The Police who are “banned” from arresting the belligerent PF cadres failed to nab any of the protected PF species as usual in this particular incident.
The nation can no longer continue to allow these barbaric violent acts but must act to preserve the unity and peace that we enjoy. I urge all peace loving Zambians rise up and petition the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to intervene and summon the Inspector General of Police who is believed to be protecting the PF thugs.

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