Selling off our land, properties

Dear editor,
Please allow me to express displeasure at how our land and properties are being auctioned. It’s really painful to see that, Natural Resources Development College land and property sold to the foreigners! The Kapata Bus Station land sold to the foreigners! The Garneton Chichele plantation sold to the Chinese! ZNBC almost going to Top Star foreigners! The Masaiti land in chief Chiwala’s area sold to Central African Cement! More than 50 households to be displaced. The Mukula trees are being sold to foreigners with just very few remaining. All these acts are being done in the name of development, and who is benefiting from these developments? Only a few very selfish politicians are benefitting. And someone stands up says its the civil servants who are thieves!
You are asking Zambians to produce evidence when its you who is cutting the DEALS. No wonder all the government project funded had stalled, because the money went into a few pockets. What has happened to the weighbridge in Solwezi? It pains to see how richer some people we knew have become in a very short space of time. Anyway, the days of the corrupt are numbered.

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