Loneliness awaits Lungu

Bishop John Mambo says Edgar Lungu will be lonely when he leaves power because those surrounding him will run away.

Power blinds those with weak eyes and minds.

What is it that is making Edgar fail to see what is happening around him? What is it that is making Edgar blind, ignorant and afraid to face issues going on in reality? There are psychological factors that prevent Edgar from recognising reality as it truly is, or if he does recognise what is going on, then he is having difficulty facing up to what things really are.

And unfortunately for him, those around him are afraid to tell him the truth. They try as much as possible to be politically correct. Political correctness is one way they regulate or police themselves in what they say. And this happens to everyone in different degrees. We become afraid of standing against the status quo and politically correct normalised standards of acceptability in our group, community or society. Those who have the power don’t like it when others stand against their agendas or doings, and we can become fearful of what happens to us as a result of going against the flow. Look at what is happening to Harry Kalaba today! He is being denounced for simply stating and responding to the reality as he sees it.

But it doesn’t mean that what Edgar doesn’t want to see and acknowledge, all Zambians won’t equally see and acknowledge it.

The great majority of the Zambian people are actually seeing what’s going on in reality. Someone, like Harry, who had authority in the community finally spoke up to give a voice to the truth that so many people were busy denying through their conditioning in denials and state-owned media to adopt this ignorant and foolish agenda and political outlook.

But of course, some people are so manipulated through all sorts of bribes, handouts into falsity that they can’t see the truth of reality before them. These are usually the political sycophants who can’t rationally think about much given their conditioning into pandering and bending-over delusions, such as believing everyone is simply getting along and that there are no political problems, apart from disgruntled and jealous or frustrated elements.

This shows the delusions of being able to honestly evaluate reality, where people merely tried to disparage and dismiss what you’re saying by labeling you through some negative epithet, such as disgruntled, jealous, unpatriotic and so on and so forth.

Then people who are emotionally manipulated to be triggered by these key-words, will automatically dislike you because of that attribution. In their deluded consciousness, all of the critics of Edgar have nothing to do with them being critics, and to point out the wrongs, abuses he is committing, is somehow unpatriotic and against reality. Weak people would rather deny reality than face it. But for how long?

It won’t be long before Edgar and those around him are made to face reality. And the truth is things are not well and dissent is growing by the day against Edgar and his regime that many people now believe is reeking with corruption in every pore.

Edgar is increasingly being seen by many Zambians as being intolerant, cruel and corrupt. Edgar and his minions are everyday being seen to be reducing the democratic space to shield themselves from legitimate criticism and exposure of their abuses, corruption.

Those surrounding Edgar and cheering him on are nothing but mercenaries out to loot, enrich themselves. When things change, they will not be there for Edgar. Why should they hang around him when he has no power and can’t dispense favours to them?

And Edgar will not be the first one to be abandoned. It happened to KK. We saw how deserted and lonely Fredrick Chiluba was! Are all those who surrounded Rupiah Banda when he was in power still with him?

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