Sinda by-election will show Lungu people aren’t happy with him – Mwale


SINDA constituency UPND chairperson Vincent Mwale says the Chiwuyu by-election will show President Edgar Lungu that people are not happy with his leadership. In an interview, Mwale said traditional leaders were cheated in 2016 that they would be given fertilizer and other things if they supported PF.

He said the PF based their politics on lies but said the Chiwuyu by-election would surprise the ruling government.


“In 2016, PF told traditional leaders to support them and that they will be given something like fertilizer but after succeeding, they have forgotten the people they promised. Now, after hearing of Chiwuyu by-election, they have come back to traditional leaders asking them to help them win, all they don’t know is that people are now awake as they have realized that they are being deceived, cheated but that this time, Edgar Lungu will know that people are upset with him through this by election in Chiwuyu,” Mwale said.


He also dismissed claims that former Sinda member of parliament Levy Ngoma did not leave any development.


“We heard them saying former MP Levy Ngoma had no development, but we are surprised that even if we go on the ground to ask them to point at any development which they have started on their own, they will point at nothing. All we see around are developments left by Levy Ngoma such as 17 clinics, 21 schools and uncountable numbers of boreholes,” said Mwale. “And the people voted out Rupiah Banda just to taste change because now under the PF, they are seeing the death of the agriculture sector.”


And Eastern Province UPND vice publicity secretary Mususa Mwambula said the politics of the PF were outdated.


He explained that the party in Eastern Province was “very much geared” to win the Chiwuyu by-election.


“Our party in Eastern [Province]…youths, women, men and everyone are ready to go and do their job in Sinda’s Chiwuyu ward and we are determined that we will carry the day as we just wait for ECZ to blow the whistle and they will see as we have put in place a good system,” Mwambula said.


He said the UPND did not care  even Sinda MP Masauso Tembo refuses to work with the opposition councilor if they win the by-election.


“These PF are nothing, they have no bright plans. Ba PF ali ngati mwai wa ngomwa wokakwatila mzimai ali ndi mimba kale (PF is like an impotent person who marries an already pregnant woman); they base their development on what was already started by someone else,” said Mwambula.


A few weeks ago, Tembo told village headmen around Chiwuyu ward that if they voted an opposition councillor, he would not work with them while PF chairperson Michael Phiri said the opposition could not develop the area but the ruling party.

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