They are liars


Chama Fumba, popularly known as Pilato, says the Patriotic Front are a bunch of cheap liars who still think Zambians are not enlightened enough to know that they are stealing.

Pilato says abuses of people’s freedoms have worsened during Edgar Lungu’s time in office.

“They are such a cheap bunch of liars. They have no capacity to handle the truth so they instead create lies for their convenience…,” says Pilato.

“They still think Zambians are not enlightened enough to know that they are stealing. Truth is like fire; it can’t be hidden for too long before it burns even the ones hiding it.”

For the Patriotic Front, it would seem, no Zambian has the right to hold the President accountable. The case against Edgar Lungu is simple. In June 2016, he told the nation lies about the closure of The Post by the Zambia Revenue Authority, but today, all can see clearly what his scheme was. Last year, he detained Hakainde Hichilema on lies about treason and declared a state of emergency on falsehoods. He told us a state of emergency was a necessity to protect Zambia from fires and sabotage, but after spending millions or billions of kwachas on investigations and detaining Hakainde and others on trumped treason charges, there was no evidence of such things found.

Edgar sold us as a boon for the economy, but more than three years later, he has driven the economy into the ground. He is all the time accusing the opposition and others of violence when it is him and his party that are violent. Edgar lied to Zambians about all these things just to try to fix, cripple and humiliate his political opponents, perceived or real.

What Zambia needs in this time of peril is a political leadership we can count on to get things right.

If the lies they are concocting against their opponents everyday are any guide, Edgar and his minions have run out of excuses for their lies, deceit, intolerance, brutality, cruelty and violence. So they’re going after the patriotism of their opponents, accusing them of being used, sponsored by the enemies of the country.

Every one of their accusations against the opposition and critics or dissenters is demonstrably false.

But the important thing isn’t the falsity of their accusations, charges, which they continue to repeat despite evidence debunking them. The important thing is that they are trying to quash criticism of Edgar simply because it’s criticism of the President.

In a democracy, the president works for the citizens in all their diversities and complexities. Citizens hire him when they elect him. They watch him do the job. If he makes good decisions and serves their interests, they praise him, support him and rehire him. If he doesn’t, they criticise him, fire him by voting for his opponents in the next election.

In Edgar’s Zambia, things are working that way. Here, Edgar’s minions build a propaganda apparatus that equates him with the nation. If you object that he’s making bad decisions and disserving the national interest, you’re accused of trying to cause confusion in the nation, undermining its stability, sabotaging the President, and serving foreign interests.

And when this is impugned, the facts go out the window.

You’re not allowed to point out that Edgar is wrong, lost and abusing power. If you dare to say these things, you’re accused of defaming the President. You’re derided.

When it gets to the point where we have ruling party politicians and a media that participates in accusing people that speak out against Edgar’s abuses of being unpatriotic and sponsored by foreign agents, we think that’s very dangerous.

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