I can never go back to PF – Kambwili


(By Oliver Chisenga and Andrew Chileshe)


I CAN never go back to PF but I excuse Davies Mwila for his lies because bola naikosa, says Chishimba Kambwili. And police in Ndola have warned and cautioned Chishimba Kambwili for proposing violence.

Kambwili yesterday appeared for questioning which lasted about an hour and 45 minutes. Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga later said Kambwili was charged with proposing violence.

According to Katanga, Kambwili proposed violence against the Chinese in Luanshya during a recent briefing. In a statement on Monday issued by PF deputy director for media Antonio Mwanza, PF secretary general Davies Mwila said Kambwili had been sending emissaries to President Edgar Lungu asking for forgiveness and reinstatement in the Patriotic Front.

Mwila claimed that Kambwili had been going to named priests and chiefs begging them to plead with President Lungu to take him back in the ruling party.

But Kambwili challenged Mwila to name the emissaries he was allegedly sending to President Lungu.


“Antonio Mwanza is not in my political class; he is too junior to waste time to talk to and by the way, Mwila does not think. If Mwila is saying I have been sending emissaries to go and ask President Lungu to forgive me, let him name the priest, let him name the chief I have ever sent,” Kambwili said.

He said the propaganda being propelled by Mwila and the PF was due to pressure from the newly formed party – NDC.

Kambwili said the game was tough for the ruling party.

“Where I come from, in Bemba they say Imbwa tashilwila mulembwe, shilwila ifupa (Dogs don’t fight for okra, they fight for a bone). Going to PF is as good as imbwa shilelwila umulembwe (dogs fighting for okra). I can never go to plead with PF but I can forgive Mwila because bola naikosa. They have seen the impact of NDC on the ground and now they are panicking like rats. Where I come from, they say ulelosha tabamucheba kukanwa so Mwila alelosha teti tumuchebe kukanwa iyo. I want to tell Mwila that I can never ever go and plead with President Lungu to bring me back into PF. And I want to appeal to all our NDC members countrywide that they should not buy this cheap story, as all they are trying to do is destabilise NDC by saying that Kambwili wants to go back to President Edgar Lungu,”

he said.


And National Democratic Congress secretary general Mwenya Musenge also said Kambwili had never sent any emissaries to try and seek reconciliation with President Lungu.

He said the Roan MP was “allergic to the corruption”, which was associated with the governing party, and his words on the matter should not be minced.

“The reports attributed to PF secretary general Davies Mwila at a public meeting in Kapiri Mposhi district are false and should be parried. At no point has Kambwili used the clergy nor the traditional leadership to try and dialogue with Mr. Lungu,” said Musenge.


And speaking after the warn and caution statement was recorded at Ndola Central Police Station, Kambwili said it was funny that the police were claiming he was proposing violence.


“We were called for interrogations and police have recorded a warn and caution statement claiming that I threatened the Chinese in Luanshya to do the right thing by recalling back the miners who were put on recess, and they are claiming that I was proposing violence against the Chinese nationals. But this is very funny because we have a government (and) what we expect this government is just to do the right thing in Luanshya,” he said.


“The right thing is that they call all the 1,600 workers that were put on recess. This idea of wanting to intimidate me for speaking for the miners, I will not be intimidated. I am prepared to be arrested, prepared to be sent to prison, as long as the miners don’t get what is entitled to them.”

Kambwili further warned Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo, Luanshya mayor Nathan Chanda and district commissioner Joel Chibuye against fighting him.

“And I want to warn the Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo, mayor Chanda and DC Chibuye that this war they have started with me for speaking for the miners, I will see it to the bitter end. Mind you, they must not forget that they are in those offices because of the miners. So if they can have the guts of saying Kambwili is proposing violence, telling the miners and say that he wants to beat up the miners, let Chanda, Chibuye and Bowman continue on this trajectory. Let me tell them that ‘ine nalishimpula, mfwayafye ukwashilafye umutwe’,”

he said.


Kambwili said it was now too much of him appearing at police stations. Asked why he had U-turned and appeared at police after saying he would not, Kambwili said he followed advice from his lawyers.

“What is happening, I cannot be going to the police every day, even you people are surprised that every day I go to the police. I can assure you that I can take on the police and the government both, I can take them on. I am ready for them. This is now intimidation on me, but I want to assure the miners in Luanshya that I will be there for them,”

he said.


Kambwili said the same miners that President Lungu was neglecting were the same that voted for him to be President. He also said it was a joke for Mwila to lie that he was seeking readmission into PF.

“That is a joke of the year. What is there to go in PF for? Davis Mwila is moving because pressure from the NDC is just too much. What can I go to Lungu for? What does Lungu owe me, or what do I owe Lungu? What do I owe him? Ba Lungu ine, kuli Lungu, I can’t waste my time,” said Kambwili.

But Central Province PF youth chairperson Moses Chilando said Kambwili should not deny that he had been making frantic efforts to apologise to President Lungu.

“Kambwili is not being candid enough and has continued to dupe his unsuspecting followers that he stands on firm ground when in fact not. We challenge Kambwili to deny that he has not sent emissaries to convince the Head of State to instruct parastatals such as ZESCO to pay him Five Million Kwacha (K5million) on the assurance that he would tone down on attacks against the PF administration,” stated Chilando in a statement issued by Chanda. “Yet Kambwili knows that President Lungu is not a procurement officer at ZESCO. It’s clear that Kambwili’s rantings are calculated as a bargaining chip to force the President and Patriotic Front into talking to him – but he knows that President Lungu and PF will not sink that low and Kambwili can therefore have all the time on earth to raise false corruption allegations.”

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