Councillors unhappy to see their electorates suffering, says a civic leader

CHAMAKUBI ward PF councilor Whiteson Zulu says civic leaders are never happy seeing people suffering due to neglected or unfulfilled projects.


Speaking during a full council meeting, Zulu said the government promised to work on rural and township roads but that little progress had been made.


He said the suffering of the people was depressing to the civic leaders.


“What is the update on grading the roads, both the township and rural roads because what we see in the communities is not okay? People are struggling to cross streams this rainy season, others get stuck with their vehicles and as civic leaders, we are not happy to see people suffering,” complained Zulu. “Something needs to be done in various communities because these roads were funded but we don’t know what is delaying the projects.”


Mwangaila ward councillor Harry Phiri complained about the poor state of most roads that were seriously potholed.


Kapoche ward councillor Peter Miti expressed disappointment at the Ministry of Local Government for awarding contracts to companies with connections to those in power.


Miti condemned the work culture of Build Trust Company which was given to work on township roads but failed.


“I think this system by our ministry of awarding contracts to companies that are not serious is not okay. Look at the Sinda to Nyanje road, which was given to Build Trust? Nothing attractive was done, yet this kills us who are policy makers on the ground. Build Trust was given this Sinda road but even a tarmac they did is a shame. We don’t want such companies because they are destroying us,” he said. “Even though it is alleged that there are some big people [involved], all we need is perfect job to be done in our district. Look at ZNS with old machines but within three months, they were done with Kagolo road but Build Trust ni mabvuto.”


Miti also wondered why construction of ventilated improved pit latrines at Nyamtuma health centre, Mpambeni and Mnendwe primary schools had not been completed despite being funded.


He revealed that materials were getting destroyed because the contractor was not on site for a long time.


“This is a sheer waste of taxpayers’ money. We need to be serious with certain things. Let’s be serious, let the management take keen interest in the matter because we are the ones receiving pressure from the communities…,” said Miti


Council secretary Mabvuto Masiye said the allocation of the toilets was K120,000 but that the contractor was only given K50,000 while the other amount had not yet been given released to the local authority.


The civic leaders also complained that some agriculture camp officers were not active and needed to be transferred because they had overstayed at one station, making them lose respect for the local people.

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