Everything going wrong in Zambia, says ex-MP


FORMER Chipata Central member of parliament Mathews Mwale says things are going wrong in the country because people think economic success now is associated with belonging to a political party.

And Mwale says poverty is the main problem that the country is facing. In an interview, Mwale, who served as member of parliament between 2001 and 2006 under the FDD, said there was a strong belief in Zambia that for one to improve

their living standards or opportunities, they should engage in politics.

“So you can see that it’s not that people are going into politics for politics; they are going into politics because it will improve their economy. I think that the economy is a subject that every one of us needs to be interested in. For me, it’s not really that people are going into politics because they are politicians or because they are interested in politics, no. Economic success now is associated with belonging to a political party and this is where I think we are going wrong as a country and not just Zambia but just third world countries,”

Mwale said.


He said the political market was now crowded with non-guanine politicians.


“I think the fundamental point is that if people can have hope based on a very well running and established economy that gives them benefit of the expectation that they want to have in life, there will be reduction in people wanting to go into politics. People would want to be interested in their careers because they would have seen that even without them going into politics, you can succeed and be respected and recognized. The economy is the cardinal subject, but does the economy give us hope for the better future?”

Mwale asked.

And Mwale said the high poverty levels were the main problem that the country was facing.

“For me, the real problem of this country is poverty and the great disparity between the rich and the poor. We are a country which has a minority of people who are super rich and we have a majority of people who are in abject poverty. I don’t see any steps either by government or any political player to want to talk about how he can bridge or redistribute vis-à-vis the vehicle of the economy, the wealth that we have so that the majority of the people begin to share the national cake,” said Mwale.

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